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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chris & Corie Are Married!

I woke up on the morning of August 8th to a down pouring rain and thunder so grumbly it rattled the picture frames on our walls. My thoughts immediately snapped to Corie and Chris and their big day ahead. However, the skies cleared and we were blessed with sunshine and maybe not so blessed with hot, hot, hot humid temperatures. And yes, the saying is true, "it's not the heat it's the humidity!". Luckily we were inside most of the day and despite a small glitch in the reception hall's AC we were cool all day long.

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Ceremony : Good Shepherd Church; Main Campus
Reception: Zor Shrine Center
Caterer: Queen Anne's
Flowers: Family Friend

We started out the day by grabbing some shots of the girls getting ready:

The Bride's father and the groom spending a little one-on-one time in the church before the ceremony

This little cutie was the ring bearer, and let's just say he may of had more people helping him get ready than the bride!

The bride's beautiful bouquet. Has anyone caught on to the fact that I really LOVE flowers!?

The flower girl was precious! She was watching Corie the entire day, like she was a princess - it was so sweet.

Corie's dress had beautiful detailing.

Corie wore her Grandmother's ring in honor of her recent passing, what a sweet way to remember her.

Time for the ceremony! Chris sees his bride for the first time

This church has a rule that photographers can not get closer than the 12 pews from the back of the church,
so it was time to break out the telephoto lens.

Yay! The new Mr. & Mrs. Aschliman!

Next up, our photo time at the Overture Center and the Reception! The party keeps going people!

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