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Friday, October 30, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa's 50th Anniversary Party - Ted's Grandview


Not many people have the honor that I did on October 17th. I got to be the photographer at my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party. I spend a lot of time at weddings celebrating with my clients and their families, and it was awesome to be able to celebrate with my family and capture everything that happened! I look back on these images and it is so neat to have moments with my family captured like this - and it just hits it home why I love what I do!

We started off at their church, Most Precious Blood in New London where they received a blessing from Father:

And since we're not all together all the time, and we were looking pretty sharp, we snapped a few group photos:

Then it was on to Ted's Grandview in Fremont for a delicious dinner. You must get the Ted's Steak when you go there... it had onion rings on top, and almost melted in your mouth. And with a little ketchup - just heavenly!

What also was heavenly was the cake Erin Heller. If you live in the Madison area and are looking for a cake - give her a call! This cake had devil's food on the top, the bottom was vanilla and both had raspberry filling and sweet butter cream frosting.


The happy couple.

Of course we had to clink the glasses and make them kiss!


A few toasts were made, and my mom put together a story of how they met. It turns out my Grandma was 12, and my Grandpa was 15! Isn't that crazy!?


Lots of celebrating!

And of course, we had to cut the cake just like they did 50 years ago -

I love these pictures, they are so cute -


My Aunt Shelia put together a hilarious "50 things I've learned from my Parents"

Congrats Grandma and Grandpa - it is an honor to be a part of your family!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get Crafty with it....

Ok, to the tune of "Gettin' Jiggy with it" .... Getting crafty with it...nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, na, nah... nah nah na nan na nah....that's right, just as cool as Will Smith would sing it. We owned that CD (oh yes, we were on the cutting edge of technology in 1993 and had the CD), and my brother would ride his big wheel around in the basement to it.

It's no secret that I love crafts. I tend to hide it, even supress it, but if I was completely honest with myself I really just want to get out the paint, googly eyes and go crazy on a toliet paper tube. Since most of you do not want to see my second-grade-esque creations, I thought I'd post a little craft that might help some of you brides out there.

My mom and I made these centerpieces for my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. Here's what we had to make 5 centerpieces:

5 small square vases (my mom found them at Goodwill - score!)
1 Boquet Red Roses
2 Boquets Carnations
Roll of Packaging Tape

We started out by cutting the packaging tape into thirds, to be about the size of scotch tape. We tried scotch tape to begin with, but it didn't stick to the sides. We then made a grid pattern with the tape.

I added some extra tape in the middle to hold the middle flower straight up.

We then cut the flowers, so that the flower would just be above the tape when stuck in the vase. We removed all of the leaves off of the stems and set them aside. Then stick the flowers in! It looked something like this:

Then, using the left over leaves we poked some in for decoration. Here's what the final product looked like on the tables:

Cute and super simple!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Madison Wisconsin Wedding Photographer - Ashley & John Are Getting Married!

It looked like the weather was going to put a damper on John and Ashley's engagement shoot on Sunday, but it ended up being a beautiful fall evening. Brian and I met them downtown with their doggies, with "Grandma" and "Grandpa" in tow for leash holding and general "clean up" if you know what I'm saying :) I had so much fun getting know everyone, and can't wait for their wedding coming up in May of 2010.

My husband Brian came along as a second shooter and rocked it out. Seriously. I am in love with some of the photos he grabbed! If you would like to see all of my favorites, be sure to check out my facebook page.

We started off in my favorite alley way (what, you don't have a favorite alley way!? You should get one!)
Ashley & John

This was Bri's grab - isn't Ashley gorgeous!?!
Ashley & John

Bri's shot as well
Ashley & John

These guys rocked it out - seriously. Not everyone can act all romantic with two photographers hanging over them, their parents and soon to be parents-in-law watching, and two puppies barking and running around. Way to go!
Ashley & John

We then left my favorite alley and headed to Capitol Square. My pic:
Ashley & John

Bri's view:
Ashley & John

Ashley & John

Ashley & John

Ashley & John

I love the fact that the dog on Ashley's lap is looking to get in on the kiss!
17Ashley & John

Ashley & John

Ashley & John

A little close up of the furry children:
Ashley & John

Ashley & John

Thanks guys for a great afternoon, and for braving the cold! See you in May!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Madison Baby Photographer - Welcome Eli!

When I first started photography, I was looking to take photos of anyone, anywhere - I just wanted to gain experience. Well, my friends Adam and Sabrina were really bummed that they didn't have any reason to have their photos taken, and sweetly offered that I could take photos of the cat if I wanted. It ended up not working out, and sadly Zed did not get his day in the spotlight. So, I was so excited that they finally had a reason for me to take photos of them! Baby Eli!


We went and visited Eli and took his cute little photos last weekend. It was my gift to them at their shower. Which, if you have a friend or family member that is expecting, let me know and I'd love to through a gift package together for them! It makes such a unique gift for the parents to be. I'm working on Eli's birth announcements and brag book album, so stay tuned!

Here are a few more of my favorites!


This one was right before a pooey diaper change... I think he was feeling goooo-ood! Haha!

Ok, here we go, all freshened up!




Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This past Sunday on our way to church, we drove past the bank sign with a chilly reading of 37 degrees. I never would have guessed that my beginning of October shoots would be so cold! I immediately thought of little Kayley, and didn't want her to freeze during our shoot. A quick call to mom revealed she had a cute sweater and coat all ready for the occasion. You gotta love us Wisconsinites, it can be cold, and we still know how to look cute!

Although this little cutie didn't need any help enhancing her cuteness. In fact, I feel like I need to post a warning that this little girl might spontaneously evoke "ooos" and "ahhs" and "oh how cute!"'s that you didn't even know you had!

I met Kayley and her mom and dad at the Epelgarden in Fitchburg, and we had a great time walking around and finding lots of cool fall spots. And hey, it didn't even feel THAT cold! Here are some of my favorites from the session. I always have the hardest time picking, especially with such an adorable subject - so if you'd like to see more pop on over to my facebook page.

Family & friends, to sign the guest book and view the rest of the images, click here.



Oh you know, just a little pumpkin in with the pumpkins!

Sometimes I wish my camera was able to capture sound, her little giggle in these photos is contagious!


You can't tell from this photo, but she is standing on a giant pumpkin.

See... I warned you! She's super cute!

In case you missed her cuteness here is another chance


We'll end with this one... Kayley was so cute trying to take a bite out of this apple!

Thanks guys for a great afternoon. Kayley did awesome, and I hope you enjoy your photos!