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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm on Vacation!

For my friends and clients - know that I am off enjoying a little vacation in Washington D.C. with my hubby. I'll be back on Tuesday March 31st. I will be checking email periodically, but unable to respond with my usual promptness. Thanks for your patience!

And since blog posts are better with photos, here's one of Peyton at his first birthday party that I took photos at this past Saturday. Mmmm.... basketball cupcakes!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Peyton Is One!

This little cutie is my friend Jess's little guy. It has been a lot of fun watching Peyton grow up over the past year, it just seems like yesterday he was a tiny little newborn! With those big thick lashes, brilliant blue eyes, and those precious gap teeth these pictures just make me want to smooch on his cheeks!

Peyton also isn't shy for the camera. I'm one of his two picture taking "aunites" (check out the shoot Emily from Emily Steffen Photography did for them, he has a darling little hat on!). Plus his mom always has her camera ready. Pretty much when you show him a camera he knows he needs to look at you - and you can't ask for a better subject!

We took a little drive over to the park near Peyton's house and played on the swings

And how cute are these little chucks? This guy is only one and I'm already jealous of his footwear!

Peyton didn't quite know what to think of the swing, he kept leaning forward and grabbing it with both of his hands... but by the look on his face here, he was having a ball!

I love this pic and the look on his face. I was teasing my husband as I was editing this one that it looks like he is demanding a fancy coffee at Starbucks, and now please!

Remember what I was saying about those blue eyes and wanting to smooch on his cheeks? : )

Oh, if you are Peyton's daddy Joel.... we did not play in the woodchips so skip this one : ) Although it was rather cute watching Peyton wonder why the woodchips stuck to his hands!

He's even cute when he's crabby! Check out those teethers!

Thanks Peyton and Jess for a fun time at the park! More to come from Peyton's party later!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brian & Jana are Engaged!

I met Brian & Jana downtown Middleton for their engagement shoot. These two are so great together, I had a ball working with them. They definitely have the same sense of humor and love to laugh - every time I had them look at each other I always got two seconds of serious faces, then a bunch of laughs. This made for some great photos, and you can really feel their chemistry. I am looking forward to their wedding in June!

We started out in front of this great old train depot... I love the brightness of the walls!

And then we ended up in an alley... oh how I love alley ways! The lighting is always just right, and there is just something about the grunge effect that just gets me all excited.

I really like Jana's bright pink scarf, it just pops in these photos!

Thanks guys for a great afternoon, I can't wait for June!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Portraits in the Park!

I am thrilled to announce three "Portraits in the Park" times for this summer! What is portraits in the park you say? Why let me tell you!

I have picked three parks and three dates in the Madison area. You will arrive for a 45 minute mini-session at the park with your friends, family, pets.... whoever you'd like special memories of. The session fee has been reduced to $50, and you receive a $25 print credit - what a deal!

Here are the dates, and how many slots I have available. Contact me today to reserve you spot today - and tell your friends!

Saturday May 30th, 2009
4 time slots available from 8am - 11am
Elver Park - 1250 McKenna Blvd Madison
This location is dog friendly!

Saturday June 13th, 2009
(this would be a neat day early Father's Day present... hint, hint)
6 time slots available from 9am - 4pm
Tenney Park - 1414 E. Johnson St Madison

Saturday July 25th, 2009
6 time slots available from 9am to 4pm
Vilas Park - 702 S.Randall St Madison

Let me know if you have any questions, or are interested! See you in the park!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Beautiful Weekend!

You can hear the collective sigh in the air. Spring is on it's way. Although here in Madison we have missed most of the snow, we still have been under a bitter freeze all winter. I've often thought of moving where it was warming, and leaving winter in dust... but then I'd miss this, the change of seasons, the extra "spring" in your step when the weather gets warmer. It's like a weight is lifted off your shoulders and you can go outside and do outside things. I'd miss that feeling.

My hubby and I had a great weekend just being out and enjoying the fact that we didn't need coats. Although we did a lot of things this weekend, the highlight by far was going to Sonic. I have been craving a Strawberry Limeaide from Sonic since the summer of 2006, when I worked in Texas at a summer camp. I still remember everyone there just being flabergasted that I had never been to Sonic (but then again, they had no idea what a Culvers was, or a Hardees for that matter, they are all Carl's Juniors down there... anyway I digress), and leaving was hard, knowing it may be years until I was reunited with my new found favorite beverage. I've been wanting to go to the new Sonic here in Madison since it open in January, but every time we were in the area the line was around the block. Alas, my time came on Saturday! After Brian & Jana's engagement shoot we boogied over there and the Strawberry Limeaide was mine!

Sonic Finally!

And, speaking of Brian & Jana's engagement shoot, here is a little teaser!

Brian & Jana 1

Sunday, March 8, 2009

If You Give A Photographer A Camera...

It had been raining.... all weekend. I was planning on going out with my camera, but rain + expensive photography equipment = bad bad bad. So bored and stuck inside, as I was taking some photos of my new sample album, I noticed my reflection in the mirrors in our entry way. That's where the boredom comes in! That and a desire to get a new facebook profile photo : )


New Sample Album!

I have been anxiously awaiting this new sample album in the mail, and am so excited to share it with you. These gorgeous albums are available with leather or cloth covers, and hinged bindings. This allows the album and the pages to lay flat, and gives the book an extra touch of class. All pages are printed on thick, premium card stock with a slight gloss. An ultra-glossy option is available.

All albums are custom designed for each of my clients, for this album, I chose a more sleek, modern look - but really the sky's the limit!

Here are few pages from Brian & Ann Marie's Sample Album -

The hinged binding that allows the pages to lay flat.

Another view of the binding - this album has a black leather cover, other leather colors and cloth options are available.

Each design is custom made, just for you! I'll work with you step by step to make sure your album is just perfect!

If you're getting married, a great idea that I've seen is to use your engagement photos in a album like this as your guest book. Leave blank spots, or fade out some of the photos to give your guests space to sign. What a cute idea!

I have these albums available in three different sizes depending on your needs, and the price includes 20 pages, more pages are available.

5 x 5 Album $90.00

8 x 8 Album $125.00

10 x 10 Album $175.00

Additional Pages $5.00 each

Covers are available in Red Leather, Dark Brown Leather, Black Leather, Tan Fabric, Chocolate Fabric, and Black Fabric.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sick Day

On Monday I stayed home from work feeling under the weather. Even after a weekend on the couch with Brian taking care of me, I just wasn't ready to face the work world. After a short visit to the doctor, and some good medicine, it was recommended I get a humidifier for my relentless coughing. When I called Brian to tell him I was on the way to Target to pick one up, he told me he only approved if I got the frog one. I must secretly admit that I have wanted the frog humidifier for quite sometime, and was pleasantly surprised to find out it wasn't any more expensive than the boring adult ones! So I got home, filled it up, plugged it in, and was instantly brought back to my childhood. For some reason I love the humidifier. I remember hoping to be "sick enough" to get to use it... and I didn't even have the cool frog one!

So most people would just watch TV on their day off sick, however I took pictures. I can't help it. No matter where I look I continually see things and think "that would make a good picture"... so I caved and grabbed my camera from where I sat on the couch.

Introducing my new friend:

One of the best parts about having a dog is that you always have a snuggly buddy, and Edie is no exception. She really enjoyed the extra snuggle time on the couch.

I was trying to take a picture of her while she was sleeping, but then she woke up and I got this face!

Well I am slowly but surely feeling better, and hope all of you are in good health! Spring is going to be a welcome change around here!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Epic Anniversary Party & Silent Auction

My husband works at Epic here in Verona, and I was lucky enough this Saturday to join him at their 30th Anniversary Party. The events they host always please and inspire the party planner within me, and this one was no different! One of the cool things they do is hold a silent auction which benefits Second Harvest, a food bank here in Madison. I donated a photo shoot, and was surprised to see a bid on it within the first 15 minutes! All of the other items were donated by Epic employees and it was really neat to see all of the art work and photography by other local artists. They really are a company that takes their motto of "Do Good" seriously, not just in the healthcare industry, but also to the community they are a part of.

Here's a picture of my booth, I felt like a big dork being the photographer taking a picture of her pictures. Yes, I was that girl.

Now, here's what really made the night. The food! They had all of these great little "stations" set up that you could choose which cuisine you wanted. We started at the Western station, getting a little steak and potatoes, and then moved on to the Japanese (um who can resist free Muramoto?!)...

and then we sampled some Indian food. And then, who can forget dessert?

We did make a quick stop at the Fair Station on the way out for some cotton candy and creme puffs... mmmm.... if I still would have been hungry I would have went for some of those corn dogs these ladies were handing out!

All in all it was a great night, and I'm sure they raised a bunch of money for the Second Harvest food bank. I can't wait to meet the person/people who won my shoot!