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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Andy & Sharon are Engaged!

Andy and Sharon are a couple that I fell in love with instantly. I can still remember meeting with them on a cool day in Panera, and one thing clicked between us after another. On the surface, Sharon and her family are from the same area as my husband. We can both discuss Ootsburgers, hard rolls, and frying out without confused looks on our faces (Even though I still don't get how hardrolls are round like burgers but you use them for your brats...anyhoo I digress!). Andy and I grew up just shy of 10 miles from each other, and low and behold I worked with his sister at one of my summer jobs during college. Under the surface, we share the same faith. I am always thrilled for my couples during this time of their lives, and to walk with them side by side during the wedding day documenting it all. But to see Andy and Sharon honoring God in their relationship in so many ways, it is just beyond awesome, it is BE-awesome. Their relationship is beautiful on so many levels, it made me tear up a few times just editing their engagement photos!

Most of all, I remember leaving our first meeting just marveling at the way God brings us all together, and that we are really more connected than we can imagine. I am so glad he brought me into the lives of Andy and Sharon, and I can not wait for their wedding in January!

Andy and Sharon met at UW where they were both Evans Scholars, a scholarship they earned by caddying when they were younger. So Bishops Bay Golf Course seemed like the perfect location! Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot!

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My husband Brian came along with me to second shoot and grabbed this shot - love it!

Don't these two have awesome eye colors?!

Brian's view:

A little fun shot! Andy discloses that he was not being a good caddy here... so no judging his skillz : )

Good grab by Brian... this one would be a cool canvas!

My angle

Bri's angle

The goal of this jump was to say "fountain!" in jump form - I think they mastered this well!

Thanks guys for a great evening, we had a ton of fun zipping around in golf carts!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Derek & Lena are Engaged!

We had a blast with this couple at the Memorial Union Terrace. Who wouldn't? It was a beautiful summer night, with the sun setting perfectly in the background, at one of the best locations in Madison. And the equation goes like this - good light + good couple + good location = really happy photographer!

Friends and family, to view the images online, go here.

These two met while working at the Red Gym on campus, so that is where we started. My husband Brian tagged along with me as a second camera and rocked it out. Here's some of my favorites from the night:

During our shoot a bright hot air balloon flew over... I'm telling you, this photo has got more sappy in it than a Hallmark card!

This is one of my new all time favorites...absolutely love it!

Thanks guys for a great night! I can't wait for the wedding in October!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Marlee & Alex are Married!

This was one fun couple! I am so glad I got a chance to meet them and shoot their wedding as a second photographer helping out Josh Gormley (be sure to check out his website). Even though I only got to know them for a few hours this past Saturday, it was obvious that they are a loving and awesome couple with a really cool circle of family and friends supporting them. Marlee was a bride who wasn't afraid to love, laugh, and enjoy the day. I have so many candids of her and Alex laughing - and not just a little "haha" laugh but the all out "oh my goodness this is the funniest thing I've ever heard" laugh. They were great, and I'm grateful that I got the opportunity to tag along and capture their wedding day!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day. Hop on over to Josh's blog to see some of his favorite as well!

Marlee's dress was gorgeous. The detailing on it was beautiful!

The bridesmaids got ready in this beautiful domed room off the side of the church.

Here's photo one of the little flower girl... many more to come! Along with the bride and groom's son Casen, they supplied us with lots of things to take pictures of!

Right before being announced Mr. & Mrs!

These bridesmaids got into a fight with the bubbler... and it won!

I don't know what I love about this image more, the fact that he was sleeping through all of the family photos... or that his "Queen" is right there!

They shortly got into a Toddler argument after this photo...

Bubbles are always fun!

Yeah, you gotta love a bride who wants to go in the field!

These little boxes were for their guest to fill with the candy buffet. Best part about the candy buffet? Swedish Fish and the candy dots on the paper... mmmm. Good choices Marlee and Alex!

Not everyone gets their name in lights!

A beautiful cake (um, and not to mention delicious!)

And I leave you with this very funny moment. Alex is going to get the garter off his bride's leg (after one very hilarious dance routine), and all of a sudden, their son is trying to pull him out! Too funny, and a really precious moment for this new little family!