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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sneak Peak - Jana & Brian's Wedding

I am still working through and editing Brian & Jana's wedding photos, but I am just too excited about them, and wanted to share a few. Enjoy the "Sneak Peak"!

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Anyone who was at the wedding knows these little guys stole the show! They are so adorable!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

I am out shooting a Sunday wedding today, but wanted to share with you a mother/daughter photo shoot I did as a surprise for Father's Day. Enjoy!

This one is a new all time favorite... look at this cutie!

Thanks ladies for a fun afternoon! I hope dad and grandpa were surprised!


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brooke & Rob are Engaged!

Last Saturday I took a maiden voyage down to Rockford for Brooke & Rob's engagement shoot. I had never been there before (except driving through on my way to Ikea!). And it did not disappoint. Rob and Brooke took me to a hidden Arboretum and we had a great time walking around a grabbing photos. To say Brooke and Rob are a great couple only scratches the surface. They made me feel so warm and welcome, it really was a treat to take their photos! They were also willing to do pretty much anything, so throwing them in buggy fields and sitting on old hay bales was nothing! They even climbed a tree as we were getting ready to leave, which made for some of my favorite images! I can't wait for their wedding in August! Onto the photos!

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I think this is the best jumping picture - ever!

What's an engagement session without a little tree climbing?

Doesn't Brooke just have the most gorgeous ring!

Thanks guys for a great evening, I can't wait for your wedding in August!


Thursday, June 11, 2009


I met Isaiah and his mom at the park one lovely summer evening. Isaiah is going to have a new brother in September and his mom wanted to get his last "by himself" session... how cute! Well, one thing is for sure, this little guy can move! How do I know this? I uploaded over 240 photos to my computer after returning from the park...then after deleting the blurry ones, or the ones of the back of Isaiah's head... well I was down to under 100! That means over half the time you catch this little guy looking at you, he's already gone! Whew!

Isaiah also has a sweet, loving personality... and a little flirty with the ladies! While we were at the park, he tried to steal a kiss from one little girl, and then was following and playing with another! Geez mom! Looks like you've got your hands full! : ) In all seriousness, he is a great little boy.

Alright, enough chatter and onto the photos!

I just adore his toothy little grin!

This was quite an exciting photo... as I was backing up from Isaiah I nearly fell off the bench! Good thing mom was is used to moving fast and was able to stop me! That reminds me... I still need to clean that little finger print off my lens! : )

Thanks Sarah & Isaiah for a fun night! I hope you enjoy your photos, and I can't wait to meet the new brother in September!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Baby C is here!

I met Baby C and his parents at their home after this little guy was here only 15 days! He is such a cutie, so be prepared to get your oooohhhs and aaahhhs, and check pinching fingers ready while looking at these!

Baby C's parents have purchased the "Watch Me Grow" package, so I can't wait to see this little guy grow up over the next two years! I feel very lucky to be selected as their photographer! Want more details on the "Watch Me Grow" package? Just visit my website, www.jennvanwyk.com!

Onto the photos!

I just can't get enough of those little toes!

Baby C has a really cute nursery, so we opted for a few photos in there as well!

I just had to post this one - I cracked up while editing it, it looks like he's giving us a wink!

One last one with mom and dad -

Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys for a night! I can't wait to see you guys again in a short while!