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Monday, March 23, 2009

Peyton Is One!

This little cutie is my friend Jess's little guy. It has been a lot of fun watching Peyton grow up over the past year, it just seems like yesterday he was a tiny little newborn! With those big thick lashes, brilliant blue eyes, and those precious gap teeth these pictures just make me want to smooch on his cheeks!

Peyton also isn't shy for the camera. I'm one of his two picture taking "aunites" (check out the shoot Emily from Emily Steffen Photography did for them, he has a darling little hat on!). Plus his mom always has her camera ready. Pretty much when you show him a camera he knows he needs to look at you - and you can't ask for a better subject!

We took a little drive over to the park near Peyton's house and played on the swings

And how cute are these little chucks? This guy is only one and I'm already jealous of his footwear!

Peyton didn't quite know what to think of the swing, he kept leaning forward and grabbing it with both of his hands... but by the look on his face here, he was having a ball!

I love this pic and the look on his face. I was teasing my husband as I was editing this one that it looks like he is demanding a fancy coffee at Starbucks, and now please!

Remember what I was saying about those blue eyes and wanting to smooch on his cheeks? : )

Oh, if you are Peyton's daddy Joel.... we did not play in the woodchips so skip this one : ) Although it was rather cute watching Peyton wonder why the woodchips stuck to his hands!

He's even cute when he's crabby! Check out those teethers!

Thanks Peyton and Jess for a fun time at the park! More to come from Peyton's party later!

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