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Monday, October 5, 2009

Before and After

There is always a moment after every photo shoot where I let clients know that their photos will be ready to see in two weeks. I remember hearing that when I was a bride and thought - two weeks? It will take two weeks to get the photos off of your camera?! And I see that same question on the faces of my confused clients.

After each photo shoot, I upload the photos to my computer, but that is the easy part! I spend approximately 3-5 hours on each photo session editing each photo to perfection, uploading them to your online gallery, and creating your DVD and personalized case. I thought I'd show you a few of my "before and after" shots, so you can see what I'm up to while you're waiting for you photos!

Here is a straight out of the camera shot from my session with one year old cutie Aiden. This is the image that appeared when I uploaded the photo off of my camera.

You'll notice that like most busy one year olds he has a little scratch on his nose. Eh, this is no feat for photoshop! Scratches, scrapes, and skin imperfections are nothing to worry about for your photo shoot : )

Here is the after, with a little color correction, a few photoshop actions, and sharpening... awe, how cute!

Another before image straight out of my camera -

I wanted to add a little vintage effect to this one, and loved the end result!

So, there you have it! Know that in the time you are waiting for your photos from me, that I am making them just perfect for you!

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