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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Photo Workshop

After a year of being on the mailing list, this past Saturday I finally got to join the Blackhawk Photo Affinity Group for their monthly workshops. The Affinity Group is a bunch of photographers from my church who get together and share tips and work on a specific aspect of photography. This past Saturday we worked on shots with 2 constant lights (aka lights that stay on all the time). Here are a few of my shots, and for you photogs out there, a set-up of our lighting.

Blackhawk Photo

We were having fun with the old magazines at the news stand... there were bare ankles in this one!
Blackhawk Photo

The lighting set-up:
Blackhawk Photo

Blackhawk Photo

The lighting set-up. There is also a halogen work light behind the couch.
Blackhawk Photo

Here's Steve multi-tasking... us photogs are so talented!
Blackhawk Photo

One last set-up in the stairwell:
Blackhawk Photo

Here are a few more pictures of me modeling, and well, just acting silly. See, this is why I am behind the camera most of the time!

These are courtesy of Steve Salt:

Here's the lighting set-up for this shot:

And these are from Matt Kirk - transporting gear to our next location. Being a photographer is so glamorous!

Thanks guys for a great afternoon, I learned a lot!

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