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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Kaitlin & Ryan are Engaged!

I have to say, Kaitlin is the most organized bride I know - and I love her for it! She and her fiancee Ryan are planning a 2011 wedding, and they were already on my calendar for their engagement shoot when booking in September. And she already has her save the dates in mind to send out with Christmas Cards - she's on the ball! I had been excited about their engagement session since the day we met, they are such a relaxed, chill couple that I knew it was going to be a ton of fun.

Throw in that it was a beautiful fall morning (I had to resist many urges to pull over on the side of the road to take pictures of all the fall colors - or I'd be late!), and you get some awesome images. I met them at Governor Nelson State Park on the northeast side of Madison. I had never been there before, but will definitely be going back! For all you dog lovers out there, they even have a pet swimming area! I am super excited to take Edie there next summer. Plus lots of hiking trails, a beautiful lake front with view of the capitol, and a boat launch. I love being introduced to new places around Madison, and was so glad they chose this location!

Here are a few of my favorites - and as always you can see a few more on my facebook fan page.

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Ryan & Kaitlin Madison Engagement Shoot

Look at the beautiful fall bokah in the background...mmmm..... (oh and you guys look splendid as well!)
Ryan & Kaitlin Madison Engagement Shoot

Ryan & Kaitlin Madison Engagement Shoot

This one is probably my favorite from the day - I just love the fall color!
Ryan & Kaitlin Madison Engagement Shoot

Ryan & Kaitlin Madison Engagement Shoot

Fun fact! Kaitlin is just starting off in her photography business, and is rockin' it! Check out her website! We grabbed a couple of headshots for her website - isn't she just beautiful!?
Ryan & Kaitlin Madison Engagement Shoot

Love this one! Kaitlin can rock the serious face - that is a talent within itself : ) I honestly can not. To think about being serious makes me giggle!
Ryan & Kaitlin Madison Engagement Shoot

This field and old spooky tree was awesome!
Ryan & Kaitlin Madison Engagement Shoot
(I had to walk all of the way into the field for this one, and I felt like Bear Grills going into the wild...ok, so it was only 2 feet into the field but I'm a city girl!)

Thank you Ryan and Kaitlin for a great morning. I had a great time getting to know you better and talking photography shop with Kaitlin. It is a great honor when another photographer chooses you for their memories, and I appreciate it!

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