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Thursday, November 12, 2009

2009 Holiday Cards!

Seriously - it's time to starting thinking about this already?! I am a firm believer in nothing Christmas before Thanksgiving, but I have seemed to throw that convention out the window this year. Seeing all the snowflakes and large ornaments hanging from the ceiling in Target have just opened up that part of my heart where Christmas is kept, and now there is no turning back! I am even *gaff!* considering putting up my Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, so that when we come back from visiting our parents it's all festive in our house. What have I come to!?!


Ok, back to what this post was SUPPOSED to be about. I have released my 2009 Christmas Card Collection and have opened up the ordering for my clients. So, present and past Jenn Van Wyk Photography Clients, head on over to http://www.jennvanwyk.com/#/holiday-cards-home/ and check out the designs.

The cards are a flat, glossy 5x7 card complete with envelopes. All of the designs are the same price. After you place your order, you'll work with yours truly to pick the images and figure out any custom text. Easy peesy lemon squeezy.

So check one of those things off that Christmas list you've been building in your head :)

Here are a few of my favorites, but more are over on the website! Please note that these are not my images in the cards, they are from the designer of the templates.

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