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Monday, July 27, 2009

Sweet Wedding Invites

I know that when I got married almost 2 years ago, the hardest thing for us to find was invitations that were cool, contemporary... and honestly a little less late 80's/early 90's looking. One might think this is an easy task, however after many hours of scouring the internet we felt as if our quest was impossible. Don't despair internet, we did find some invitations eventually that we loved, but it just took a while. So, when we got this invitation to our friend Justin's wedding, I knew I just had to share it with you. I just love these because they are so simple, but yet trendy and useful. And they all stack up to fit in a regular envelope (so you don't need that fancy dancy wedding stamp that costs a ton!).

Justin is a man of many talents, graphic design just being one of them. Be sure to check out his photography site, and leave him some love! If you're in Des Moines and need a photographer, please give him a call!

Note: I did blur out some of the details in Photoshop to protect the innocent :-P

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