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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lifest 2009

Hello Internet! This post is a long time coming, seeing as Lifest was a little over two weeks ago, but better late than never right? Brian and I went to Lifest in Oshkosh for the second year in a row, and let's just say we had a blast! Not only was there great music, sunshine, and deep fried fair food, but it was a time to reconnect and worship with thousands of your closest "family" members. We came on Thursday and left on Sunday physically exhausted from all of the walking, standing, jumping, and dancing - but inside our spirits were refreshed and our hearts refocused on God. It's a pretty cool thing, not many other concert events can say. If you want to learn more, or have never heard Christian music (trust me, it's not your Grandma's church music!) I suggest you take a peek at www.lifest.com - I guarantee you'll be surprised at what you find.

We had front row seats, and I use the term seats loosely as it was more like a "standing" spot for all of our favorite bands. The combination of being that close with my telephoto lens was killer, and I got some great photos!

First up, December Radio -

Then a show from the Afters. I snapped this one as he was jumping off of the piano at the end.

Then Tobymac brought the house down. His show was awesome, and he got us white kids rapping and dancing, thinking we
were cool for at least one night!

Brian grabbed this one of the lead singer from Pillar.

Nothing is better on a warm summer day while watching your favorite bands than shaved ice... it was
so good!

And one of my personal very favorites, the David Crowder Band. How can you not love a band whose lead singer plays a

We closed out Saturday night with an awesome performance by Third Day, another one of my favorites...my
I do have a lot of favorites!

Hope to see you there next year!

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