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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

I confess.... I have empty picture frames in my house.

It's not for a lack of photos, that's for sure! We have thousands and thousands of digital pictures, which vary in importance from a 1,200 pictures of our dog to our wedding photos. All are living on our computer, stuck in digital photo land.

Take our wedding photos for example. Brian and I, like everyone else, were waiting to order prints when we got our CDs of all of the images. That one day we would invade Walgreens or Target and go on a printing spree. Heck, we might even get EVERY picture printed!

Well, that wasn't the case with us. Life started getting in the way. We got a dog, moved into a house, and vacation pictures got the printing priority. Our poor lonely wedding photos just sit in a folder on our computer.

My point in all of this - print your pictures! Enjoy them! The CD I provide for my clients is intended so that they use their photos, not let them spend eternity on a computer. The online gallery I provide makes it easy, and they'll come right to your front door.

I give you permission to go on a crazy printing spree right now. You'll thank me in a few months. And I promise to do the same.

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