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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Identity!

If you've been following me for a little while you know that I have had nothing short of an "Identity Crisis" while developing my business. Well, I think I've changed my look for the last time in a while! It's been a struggle for me because I think of a new idea everyday... and well... ideas are cheap! I was digging the blue grungy logo I had, but if you knew me, I'm not really a blue grungy type of person and it was clashing all with the wedding themed photos. (I know, when I told my husband this he just rolled his eyes...) So here it is in all of it's glory, a polka dotty modern sort of look... and believe you me I love the polka dots! In fact I was just in Target the other day (don't even get me started about my love for Target), and I was looking at all of the storage bins they had, and low and behold there was one with Polka Dots and I had a mini freak-out... anyway I digress.... the new logo!

Tada! As you can see as well, I have updated my header on the blog here and if you go over to my website you will see the change in the mini logo as well. I'm also SUPER excited about ordering some new CD holders, labels, business cards, and thank you cards. I will show pics as soon as I get them in! Pardon my dust and my old blue labels on the past posts, soon all will match.

In other updates I've been doing some behind the scenes things such as cleaning the 5,000 or so photos off of my laptop, catching this blog up from last year (I think I'm still missing half of my clients, it's not personal!), organizing my gear and getting ready for the warmer weather. Things have been slower over January, seeing as the temps have been below zero mostly (not ideal portrait weather), and everyone is getting over their Holiday Cookie buzz. I am SUPER excited for this Saturday I get to shoot an engagement session at the Zoo, so cross your fingers with me that the temps will stay in the forecasted 30's! Look for sneek peeks on the blog the begining of next week. We're also hosting a rockin' Super de Duper Bowl Party this weekend, and I just know I'll have to bust the camera out.

I'm looking forward to it getting warmer and
get pictures of all your gorgeous smiles out there!

Peace for now


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