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Monday, June 21, 2010

What to Wear

If there is one theme that runs through all of my photo sessions, the burning question everyone asks me, the one thing everyone wants to know is...

* Que dramatic music please *

What do I wear to our photo session?

Dun, dun dunnnnn.

This question has always caught me off guard. I dig through my closet for way longer than I should in the morning, buy things on super clearance, don't have any subscriptions to fashion magazines, and I'm lucky if I can dig out a pair of matching earrings. My friends and I have talked about submitting each other for "What Not To Wear" just so we could start over from scratch and get some fashion advice. Plus who wouldn't want to meet Stacy & Clinton?

But as I continue to grow as a photographer and I get asked this question again and again, I see the need for a little shift in how we think of dressing for family and engagement photography.

First off. It is not 1990 anymore. It is out of date to wear white shirts with blue jeans to your family session. Or any other kind of matching shirt with matching pants. It looks dorky. Trust me, I know. I am a dork myself. Dressing your family, or significant other like this creates is a flat, boring photo. Everyone looks the same. Plus, you might end up on AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com, and I want to spare you and I the hassle :)

(This is where these two pics came from)

So, what is one to do? Forget matchy matchy. Instead, think coordinate. Pick colors that go well together. Think of it this way. If you decided to paint the walls in your living room red, you wouldn't buy all red furniture, accessories, and coffee tables. You would buy accessories that coordinated. Dark woods, oranges, pinks, and you might even get a little adventurous and throw in some dark browns. You get the picture. Do the same when choosing your outfits for your photo session. This will help build depth, character, and give your photos a little personality.

Since I am a visual learner, I am going to start a little "What to Wear" series here on the blog. I am going to go "shopping" online and put together some affordable (I chose to "shop" exclusively at Old Navy) and cute outfits for all sorts of different photo shoots. With each post, I will tell you why I chose what I did, and help you find things in your closet that would work just as well. Or heck, if you want, you can head straight to Old Navy's website and purchase the items for yourself. But if your husband asks, you didn't hear it from me! :)

Stay tuned!


  1. What a cool idea for a blog topic! Can't wait to see what you show us!