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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Photo Friday

In an attempt to keep my 365 photo project on somewhat of a "schedule", I present to you "Photo Friday" - a cheesy way to keep you up to date on the photos I've been shooting in the past week. Since I thought of this idea today, it won't quite be a full week's post since introducing the project on the blog on Tuesday. So bear with me, I'm a work in progress! Here's what I've captured these past few days: Tuesday 1.12.10 1.12.10 Good morning Madison! This is the view from our second story windows, a little bit grainy because I was shooting through a window screen. Since our house is on top of a hill, I have always enjoyed looking out on this view, it's like saying hello to the city everyday. Wednesday 1.13.10 1.13.10
The news of the earthquake in Haiti hit today, and I wanted my photo to reflect the news in someway. I saw on facebook that Tom's Shoes was donating $5 from every pair to the relief efforts, so I grabbed em' shot em' and posted the info on facebook. I have one 580ex2 flash in the upper right of the photo shot through an umbrella (with a see through blue cd holder over the top), and over to the back right another 580ex2 shooting straight at the shoes with a purple see through CD holder on top of it. Maybe I should think about getting some gels? :)

Thursday 1.14.10
I have always teased my husband for owing this bank, but today it became my perfect photo subject. In hindsight, I wish I would have tried light painting or moving the car to add some motion, but was satisfied with this pic. One 580ex2 flash in the upper right with green "gel" shot through an umbrella, and a 580ex2 flash on the right with a purple "gel". I laid down a TV tray for it to sit on, and I have a checkered scarf on the floor behind it for extra color.

Friday 1.15.10
Beef! It's what's (or what was) for dinner!

Happy Friday! Or should I say Happy Photo Friday!

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