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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Stockhausen! - Chicago, Illinois Wedding

Tiffany and Joe became husband and wife on New Years Day. I'd say there is no better way to start out a new year! Bringing together both of their families beautifully, it was an honor to be invited to capture it.

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Usually during a wedding the girls are the busiest. Buzzing around, trying to get ready in time. There is always lots of activity where the bride is. With a new family of 5 sons, this time the groom's room was the place to be. These young men left us laughing, they were definitely the highlight of the day. Joe was given the task to get all the boys ready, and in assembly line fashion, they came together!

All of the boys had their own pair of Chucks - love it!

Everybody ready to go


Brian got them to show a little "James Bond" in this one!

Believe it or not, the wedding took place in an outdoor tent. With the heat on inside, you wouldn't even know that it was below zero outside! The Westin keeps the tent up year round, heating in the winter, and cooling in the summer - it was really cool. Here are a few of the beautiful details. Tiffany's sister made her this custom guest board:

Here is the inside of tent - just gorgeous!

Back up to Tiffany getting ready.

Loved these green shoes!



The back of Tiffany's dress was beautiful


Here comes the bride! :)



Instead of a traditional unity candle, each family member had their own colored sand which they added to the vase. I was a really neat idea!

Introducing, Mr & Mrs. Stockhausen!


You'll just have to hang on tight until tomorrow - when the reception and party starts!

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