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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snow Day!

Yesterday, we joined most of the state of Wisconsin in enjoying a Snow Day! With 17 inches of snow measured at a nearby news station, there was no way we were getting out of the driveway! Since this is the kind of snow storm that comes around once every 10 or so years (in fact, they canceled classes at UW Madison for the first time in 50 years yesterday - and did you see the snowball fight made Good Morning America?), I decided to take some pictures. Overall we had a nice cozy day indoors, baking cookies, doing some laundry, cleaning, and watching TV. Of course this was after tackling the driveway with our shovels!

Here is our dog Edie walking around her newly dug out "poop arena" as we affectionately call it - the snow is way taller than her!
Snowstorm 12.9.09

This was after the plow came through - our mailbox was almost under a snowbank -
Snowstorm 12.9.09

Our Christmas lights that we had stuck in the ground were almost 14inches tall - and here they are almost covered before we started shoveling -
Snowstorm 12.9.09

Here we are in relation to the snowbank - and you can see from here that the snow alone was about up to our shins. We're taller than 6 feet - that's hard to do! We were so thankful for our two neighbors stopping by and helping us with the end of the driveway and part of our sidewalks. Winter may not be my favorite season, but I sure love the feeling of going out in your neighborhood and seeing everyone talking and helping each other out!
Snowstorm 12.9.09

Snowstorm 12.9.09

Snowstorm 12.9.09

Hope everyone dug out from the snow!

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