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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Erik & Karen are Engaged!

I met Karen and Erik on a warm for January sort of morning at the Vilas Zoo.  These two met through a mutual friend two years ago and have been head over heels since!  They just got engaged in December, and will have a May 9th, 2009 wedding, which I am ecstatic to shoot.   As you will see, they were a great couple, so easy going and even willing to take their coats off OUTSIDE.  That's a big deal here in the Midwest : )  

Without further ado... the photos!

After being outside for a while we decided to head on in to the Bird House, which felt like a tropical paradise compared to outside!  Not to mention that it looked like one too!

I love this one, it's like we're "catching" them kissing... tee hee...

We can't forget about the bling!

I think I got true smiles out of them at this point because we were in front of the penguin exhibit, and we couldn't get the penguins to come over.  I'm pretty sure there was talk here about who brought the sardines for bait...

A little love by the penguins...

Thanks guys for a great morning!  I really enjoyed getting to meet the both of you, and can't wait for your wedding! 


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