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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brian & Ann Marie are Engaged!

I have known Brian and Ann Marie for about a half a year now. We are both are a part of the same Young Married/Engaged Couples Life Group through our church Blackhawk. We get together once a week, talk, eat, and just share life. This group has been a blessing in my life, and it has been great to get to know all of the couples! So, when Ann Marie asked me to do their engagement photos, I was ecstatic. I mean, come on, they look great to begin with, so I knew that we were going to get some awesome photos! They are having a summer destination wedding (ooo that sounds so nice right now - a warm sunny place!), and I know that these two are going to have a great life together, no matter what gets thrown their way. : )

Ok, on to the photos! We started out downtown in this AWESOME little alley. The alley also happens to be right behind Ann Marie's office, so she got a kick out of using it in her photos. But these old brick alley ways make the best spots for pictures!

I love how the wind added some extra glamour to this shot! I literally jumped up and down when I saw this one come off the camera! Everyone come see how good they look! (Sorry, I've had a lot of coffee this morning)

We then moved on to the capitol!

Although it was unseasonably warm, in the low 50's, it still was quite chilly in the shade - but these guys were troopers! Brian & Ann Marie decided to go warm up in the sun for a moment, and caught this photo.

Thanks guys for a great afternoon! I had a great time working with the two of you, and I hope you enjoy your photos!


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