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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our adventures at the Dog Park...

When we got Edie, our 6.8 pound Yorkie last year we vowed we wouldn't be one of the "those people". After all, I spent most of my childhood terrified of dogs. I used to go over to my friend Erin's house and we would have to stay locked in her room all day because I was scared of her dog coming within 10 feet of me. So naturally we thought we wouldn't be the dog-park-going, day-care-taking, all-natural-treat type of dog owners. But then the little peanut looks at you with those small but big brown eyes, and well, we can't say no!

Hence our latest adventure, the dog park. It is rare to see a dog as small as Edie there, but when she gets out in the open and is running around chasing birds, and following smells, she looks like she's in little doggie heaven.
And after all the episodes of the Dog Whisper that we've watched, we know she wasn't made to be indoors sitting on fluffy pillows all day! Plus, with all of her little steps she takes while we're there we get a pooped out dog for about two days with just one trip! Talk about value : )

So, we are officially "those people" now, and we have a happier dog for it! Check out some photos I grabbed with my new telephoto lens a few weeks back. And if you're in the Verona dog park sometime, look for the dog that looks like a small rodent, and you'll most likely find me : )

Edie on the loose!

Run, run as fast as you can!

The Dog Park also has beautiful scenery. I couldn't help but stop and take a few photos. Plus it was kind of cute, Edie would stop, wait for me, and then go again when I walked forward. Oh the waiting involved in being a photographer's dog!

Fence 5

Fence 3

Fence 2

Nature 1

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